Mitchell County, Kansas


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Beloit MoPac on site, 401 S. River   C community center   in use brick  Kyle Field checked 7/04
Cawker City MoPac west edge of town on S. Redwood St.   C business   in use wood, sided  Kyle part of elevator site, Field checked 8/04





to be restored




Reported 1/09

Simpson Un. Pacific on site   C abandoned   in use wood Kyle frt. part gone, derelict condition 7/04
Tipton AT&SF moved 1 mi. west on S.R. 181, .25 mile south, at Tipton Oaks golf club   C club house   none wood  none Field checked 8/04

Compiled by M.J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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