Mower County, Minnesota


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Austin CMStP&P 4th Ave. NE C State License Bureau 1941 in use brick ICE restored, Field checked 10/08
Austin CMStP&P relocated at Mower County Fairgrounds off 12th St. SW C museum 1886 none wood none depot from Oakland, moved 1964, labeled Milwaukee Junction, Field checked 10/08
Austin Iowa Chicago & Eastern 1.5 blocks south of CMStP&P depot F rr newer in use metal prefab ICE Field checked 5/06
Brownsdale CMStP&P relocated to southwest corner of Fremont/Johnson C garden storage   none wood none bay window removed, Field checked 10/08
Dexter CMStP&P Main St. C bar   gone wood none highly modified, unrecognizable from outside, Field checked 7/06



moved to Austin















Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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