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Updated towns are in red type. Some of the following information was taken from Peter Latta's Old Railway Stations of the Maritimes and the Bytown Railway Society's Canadian Railway Station Guide. (See RSHS Library). Other contributors include Canadian Railway Station News , Carroll Cameron, James F.L. Knight, and Don Neish.

12/22/03 Removed Perth Jct,. St. Leonard, South Devon, and Upper Kent.


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Albert CP relocated to Water St., next to large school building C residence   none wood none  
Apohaqui CN moved to Sussex P museum 1934 none wood none part of Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick
Aroostook CP on site C vacant   gone wood none Heritage Designated structure, not well kept
Bathurst VIA 690 Thornton Ave. C rr newer in use brick CN VIA stop, clock tower added recently
Burtts Corners CP on site C future church   mostly gone wood none two story, Field checked 7/12
Campbellton VIA 113 Roseberry St. O rr 2002 in use brick/concrete   modern high rise office bldg,
Campbellton VIA last unit in strip mall to south of office building P rr   in use   VIA  
Campbellton replica   C museum newer none   none Train Station Museum, modeled after old depot
Campbellton CN near town Tn rr   in use rock bore CN Morrissey Rock Tunnel
Campbellton CN Vanier St. C business   none wood none highly modified, depot from Nash Creek
Canterbury CP on site C vacant, boarded   gone wood none  
Cape Tormentine CN   P business     wood   ?
Charlo CN   C ?   in use metal CN prefab
Charny CN (NTR) St. Lawrence River B rr 1918 in use steel CN cantilever bridge
Chatham CN Hwy 117 P business   gone brick none restaurant
Chipman VIA on site P ?   in use sided CN  
Cody CP relocated in town C residence   none wood none  
Edmondston New Brunswick Ry. (CP) on site P vacant   gone brick none  
Edmondston CN Hwy 120 C rr/business newer in use brick CN 2 story
Florenceville CP relocated a few miles north of town on abandoned row C museum   gone wood none Shogomoc Historical Railway Museum
Fredericton CP relocated to Victoria St., York St. ? P residence? 1869 none wood? none 2 story, apartments, modified
Fredericton CP   C   1955 in use brick CP  
Fredericton CP St. John River B rr c1936 in use steel CP/CN multi-span swing bridge
Fredericton Jct. CP Hwy 101 C rr office   in use aluminum siding New Brunswick Southern (NBSR)  
Grand Falls CN north edge of town C vacant   in use wood CN unkept
Hampton CN on site C business   in use wood CN  
Hervey CP Hwy 3 C rr   in use metal siding NBSR mow use
Jacquet River CN Rt. 11 C rr   in use wood CN VIA stop
Kedgwick CN on site C business   gone wood none  
McAdam CP Hwy 4 P museum/meeting hall 1900 gone brick none two wings added 1910-11, two story, also railroad hotel and offices, McAdam Railway Station, Field checked 9/12
McGivney CN   C ?   in use   CN  
Minto CP   C museum 1904   wood   ?
Miramichi CN 151 Station St. P rr   in use   CN VIA stop
Moncton CN 1240 Main St. C rr 1963 in use brick/glass CN VIA stop, clock tower added, building at north end of station contains VIA's telephone reservation offices
Moncton CN   Sh     in use   CN miscellaneous buildings remain
Napadogan CN   F rr   in use metal CN prefab trailer
Napadogan CN   Rh       brick   ?
Nash Creek CN moved to Campbellton C business   none wood none highly modified
Newcastle CN off Hwy 430 C ?   in use stucco CN  
Point Du Chene CN relocated to Pointe Du Chene Rd. near pier C residence   none stucco none  
Petit Rocher CN on site C rr   in use wood CN VIA Stop, restored
Rogersville CN 53 Main St. P business/rr   in use wood/brick CN VIA stop
Rothesay ICR (European & North American)   P business 1858 in use wood CN 2 story, suburb of Saint John
Sackville CN Lorne St. C rr   in use stone CN VIA stop
St. Andrews CP (St. Andrews & Quebec) relocated C club   none wood none  
Saint John VIA Station St. P vacant 1993 in use metal siding CN  
Saint John CP Reversing Falls B rr 1921 in use steel CP cantilever bridge
Saint John NBSR Dever Rd. F rr modern in use brick NBSR two story
Saint- Jean Baptiste     C private         ?
St. Martins CN (St. Martins Ry.) Beach St. C     gone wood none ?
St. Stephen CP Main St. P visitor center 1929 gone stone/concrete none Field checked 2/12
Shediac CN Hwy 133 C offices   gone stone none  
Sussex CN Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick, east side of town P museum 1934 none wood none depot from Apohaqui
Sussex CN part of Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick Gt museum   none wood none relocated from ?
Sussex CN Hwy 121 C municipal   in use brick/stone CN tourist information center
Woodstock St.Andrews & Quebec (CP) on site C residence 1868 in use brick CP modified

Compiled by M.J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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