Charles Mix County, South Dakota




Current Location


Current Use

Date Built

Track Status

Bldg. Mat.

Current Railroad


Geddes CMStP&P moved 1 mile east of town on 285th, then 1 mile north on 376th Ave., then 0.5 mile west C barn   none wood none in poor shape, freight section only, passenger section taken for lumber, Field checked 6/10
Platte CMStP&P relocated to Platte City Golf Club, 2 miles west of town overlooking Platte Creek C club house   none wood none highly modified, Field checked 6/10
Ravinna CMStP&P moved to 407 S. Front St. in Wagner, SD C vacant residence   none wood none Field checked 6/10
Wagner CMStP&P relocated to 407 S. Front St. C vacant residence   none wood none depot from Ravinna, modified, Field checked 6/10

Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.


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