McPherson County, South Dakota




Current Location


Current Use

Date Built

Track Status

Bldg. Mat.

Current Railroad


Eureka CMStP&P relocated southeast of town at 11245 328th Ave. C business storage   none wood none Field checked 7/08
Eureka Soo Line relocated on local farm C farm storage   none wood none depot from Madra, Field checked 4/07
Leola M&StL relocated to Historical Village C museum   none brick/stucco none depot from Richmond (Brown County ghost town), Field checked 9/11
Madra (ghost town) Soo Line moved to farm near Eureka C farm storage   none wood none poor condition, Field checked 4/07
Wetonka M&StL relocated, go 7.3 miles west on Co. Rd. 18, then 0.5 mile south C farmhouse   none wood none restored, Field checked 5/08

Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.


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