Bell County, Texas


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Belton MK&T Leon River, Taylor's Valley Rd. B            
Belton Belton RR. (MK&T) 1st St./East St. C business 1882 gone brick/wood none Field checked 11/05
Heidenheimer GC&SF (AT&SF) relocated in town along tracks C storage   in use wood BNSF passenger section removed, depot from Rogers, Field checked 6/09



on site




in use



prefab, Field checked 6/09

Killeen AT&SF relocated slightly to 4th/Santa Fe Plaza C Chamber of Commerce   none wood none Field checked 6/09
Rogers GC&SF (AT&SF) moved to Heidenheimer C storage   none wood none freight section only, Field checked 6/09
Salado GC&SF (AT&SF) relocated in town C residence for sale   none wood none depot from Goldthwaite, Field checked4/12
near Sparks MK&T Lampasas River B rr   in use steel UP through truss
Temple GC&SF (AT&SF) 315 West Ave. B C museum 1909-11 in use brick/stucco BNSF two story, restored, Amtrak stop, Railroad & Heritage Museum, Field checked 8/08
Temple AT&SF relocated off West Ave. B C part of museum. model railroad club   in use wood BNSF depot from Moody. Field checked 5/06
Temple AT&SF west of depot in yards M rr   in use metal BNSF miscellaneous pre-fab buildings, Field checked 5/06
Temple MK&T N. 14th St./E. Central Ave. P     in use brick UP Field checked 7/08


Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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