Tarrant County, Texas


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Arlington ? relocated to Johnson Plantation Cemetery/Park, Arkansas Lane between Center St. and Matlick Rd. IC     none   none two interurban depots
Arlington ? relocated to Six Flags over Texas C     none wood none depot from?, Field checked 8/06
Colleyville   relocated to Bransford Park M display   none wood none Webb House, two-story section foreman's house, Field checked 9/05
Ft. Worth AT&SF downtown O     none brick   Northern Division offices
Ft. Worth Ft. Worth Union Passenger Co. 1501 Jones St. P under renovation for use as meeting/convention hall 1919-20/1938 in use brick/stone BNSF AT&SF, CRI&P, SLSW, SP; two story, Amtrak stop, Trinity Rail Express (TRE) stop, Field checked 9/05
Ft. Worth AT&SF   F/Y rr   in use brick BNSF newer frt. House and yard tower
Ft. Worth AT&SF just north of Union Station on Jones St., part of UT at Arlington F vacant     concrete/brick   two story, general offices, Field checked 10/10
Ft. Worth Ft. Worth Belt Ry. in stock yards, Livestock Exchange Building O     in use stucco   two story, general offices
Ft. Worth MK&T Vickery St. F business     brick   two story headhouse, Field checked 9/05
Ft. Worth MK&T in Ney Yards F rr   in use metal UP now crew change
Ft. Worth SLSF   Y rr   in use brick Ft. Worth & Western yard office
Ft. Worth SLSW E. Fourth St. F office   in use brick UP two story headhouse, Field checked 9/05
Ft. Worth Northern Texas Traction southwest corner of 3rd/Main IC rr   gone brick none  
Ft. Worth Tarrant County Traction (TCT) in Sycamore Park IB pedestrian use   gone steel none  
Ft. Worth T&P at crossing of T&P-AT&SF-MK&T, southwest of I-30/I-35W junction T unused   in use brick UP what's left of Tower 55, Field checked 5/06
Ft. Worth T&P 221 W. Lancaster Ave./Throckmorton St. P rr/ also being converted to apartments/lofts 1931 in use brick UP 13 story, TRE stop and headquarters, Field checked 5/06
Ft. Worth T&P W. Lancaster Ave. F   1931-2   concrete   8 story, inbound freighthouse
Ft. Worth TRE Ninth/Jones St. P rr 2002 in use   TRE two story, Intermodal Transportation Center, Amtrak stop
Ft. Worth Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Engineers Broadway/Bryan M vacant?   none brick none two story union hall, Field checked 9/05
Ft. Worth   in Centennial Yard Tt rr   in use steel   Field checked 3/08
Grapevine SLSW relocated to 705,707 ? S. Main St. C museum c1901 none wood none restored, part of Grapevine Heritage Center
Grapevine SLSW relocated to 707 S. Main St. M museum   none wood none two story section foreman's house at Grapevine Heritage Center
Grapevine SP relocated to 707 S. Main St. T museum   none   none Tower 16 from Sherman, at Grapevine Heritage Center
Mercantile SLSW   C       wood    
Saginaw H&TC (SP) relocated to 301 S. Saginaw C Chamber of Commerce, future museum 1870s none wood none depot from Kosse, Saginaw Heritage Center Field checked 3/12


Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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