Val Verde County, Texas


City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Del Rio SP 100 W. Ogden St. C rr 1876 in use brick UP Amtrak stop, Tansportation Center, Field checked 2/12
Del Rio SP over Amistad Reservoir (Devils River), NW of town, adjacent to I-90 bridge B rr 1960s in use steel UP one through truss, 6 spans, Field checked 2/08
Del Rio SP over San Felipe Creek, within Moore Park B rr   in use steel UP through truss, Field checked 2/08
Del Rio UP across from depot M rr   in use   UP crew office, Field checked 11/07
Del Rio replica 1308 S. Main St. C museum   none wood none part of Whitehead Memorial Museum, Field checked 11/07
east of Langtry SP Pecos River B rr 1944 in use steel UP high cantilever deck truss, 2180' long, 321' above river, Field checked 2/08
Parida SP relocated to Seminole Canyon State Historical Park C museum   gone wood none along old SP grade, visible when reservoir level is low, Field checked 11/07
Pumpville SP on site M     in use steel UP 3 water towers from water plant, Field checked 5/06

Compiled by M. J. Camp, Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

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