Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

Selected Sites Featuring More Depot and Structure Information


By Company

AT&SF Depots (Evan Werkema, photos and data. includes AZ, CA, CO, IL, IA, KS, LA. MO, NE, NM, and TX, also includes water tanks, coal docks, roundhouses, and other structures)

More AT&SF Structures (Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, Inc.)

AT&SF Texas depots (photos)

B&O structures (George Elwood, photos of various depots, towers, and other structures)

More B&O structures (Steve Okonski, Old Main Line in Maryland; includes depots, towers, bridges, tunnels, and much more)

Boston & Maine depots (Nashua City Station, Matt Cosgro, photos and data) 

Central RR of New Jersey (Black Diamonds to Tidewater, photos and history along lines in PA)

C&O Piedmont SubDivision (Larry Z. Daily, click on "Existing Stations" for photos)

CRI&P Depots (Photos and data on Arkansas CRI&P depots, etc.)

Chicago Transit Authority Stations (Chicago "L".org, photos and history)

CNS&M depots (photos)

D & H depots (Delaware and Hudson Virtual Museum, Darren E. Hadley)

D&RG Structures (GhostDepot.com, photos, drawings, and data)

More Erie Depots (James Sponholz, click on Depot Photos)

Florida East Coast depots (Historical Preservation Society of the Upper Keys, photos of Keys depots) 

Great Northern Structures (Ben Ringnalda, click on structures for photos and data)

Great Northern Depots (Lindsay Korst))

Green Bay & Western Depots (Mark Mathu)

Hocking Valley Structures (Chris Burchett, Hocking Valley Information Center, click on Building Plans and Photos)

Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. (Black Diamonds to Tidewater, photos and history)

Lehigh & New England RR (Black Diamonds to Tidewater, photos and history)

Lehigh Valley depots (John W. Campbell, old postcard and photo views)

L&N Depots (R. Cole, Trains of the South, photos)

Metro-North depots (photos and information from CT and NY)

Metra depots ( Chicago, IL, Go to Schedule Information, then click on routes, then stations)

Milwaukee Road Structures (Milwaukee Road Online, photos of selected depots and other structures)

Missouri & Arkansas Depots (photos of Arkansas depots)

NYC Putnam Division Structures (Exploring & Modern Ruins, photos, some history)

N&W depots (Virgina Tech University, photos)

Northern Pacific depots (Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, photos and data)

PRR Depots (Mark D. Bej, list with data)

Pere Marquette Structures (Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc., go to "PM Structures Still Standing")

Rock Island Depots of Arkansas (Hibblen Radio, photos and data)

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Depots (Carl R. Codney, photos of Texas depots, click on depots)

Southern Pacific Structures (Art Fisher, photos of depots and other structures across system)

Depots of Southern Pacific System (Richard A. Percy, lists of all depots past and present, structure plans, click on SP Depots

and SP Structures)

Texas and Pacific Depots (The Texas and Pacific Railway Railfans Depot, click on Stations-Structures for selected photos)

Union Pacific Depots (Union Pacific Railroad Photo Gallery, photos of depots and other structures)

Paris Subway Stations (Andre Quintanar, photos, data on closed subway stations)


By State/Province

Alabama (Dale's (Burns) Alabama Rail Pic's, current and past depot and other structure photos)

Arizona (Arizona Rail Passenger Association, click on depots, photos and data)


Arkansas and Texas (depot photos along route of Amtrak's Texas Eagle)

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas (David Hoge, Trains Through Arkansas, scroll down for depot photos)

California (Arizona Rail Passenger Association)

California (Train Stations Virtual Tour, also includes some Canadian depots)

Connecticut   (Connecticut railroad history, depot photos)

Florida (Yulee Railroad Days, go to Towns and Cities for Northern Florida depot information)

Georgia (Steve Storey, depot photos, data)

Georgia (Roadside Georgia, selected depots--photos and history)

Idaho (Arizona Rail Passenger Association, click on depots, photos and data)

Illinois and Wisconsin surviving depots (Bill Manon, photos of selected depots)

Indiana structures (Roger Hensley's Railroads of Madison County, photos and history of rr structures)

Kansas (Kansas Historical Society, depot photos)

Massachusetts (Gary LaPointe, county tables and photos of depots)

Massachusetts (Edward J. Ozog, selected old postcard views)

Michigan (Eddie Gross, Eddie's Michigan Railroads, data and photos on extant depots)

Michigan (Internet Railroad History Museum of Michigan, Dale Berry, photos and data on structures)

Michigan (Claras Restaurants, photos and history)

Minnesota (Dan West, existing and past depots)

Mississippi (Richard Spencer's Mississippi Railroad Web Site, tables of depot information)

Missouri (Jack Forbes, Missouri Railroad Depots, photos of many depots)

New England (New England Depot, click on Railroad Buildings for selected depot photos)

New England (Edward J. Ozog, selected old postcard views)

New England (Southern) (Selected depot photos from Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries)

New Hampshire (Gary LaPointe, county tables and photos of depots)

New Jersey (Bernie Wagenblast, photos of current and past depots)

New Mexico (Arizona Rail Passenger Association, click on depots, photos and data)

New York (Charles Woolever, county tables and photos of depots)

Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Railway Society, photos and data on depots)

Ohio (Dan West, county tables and photos of depots)

Oklahoma (John Kirk,Jr., alphabetical tables of existing depots, other structures, rr equipment, etc.)

Oregon (Arizona Rail Passenger Association, click on depots, photos and data)

Pennsylvania (Dan West, county tables and photos of depots)

South Carolina (Thomas Salmons, past and present photo and postcard views of depots)

Texas (Texas Historic Travel Magazine, selected depot photos)

Texas (R. Byrne's Railroad Depot Page, photos of selected depots, mainly Texas)

Texas Depots and Stations (Jim King and Myron Malone)

Northeast Texas Railroad Stations (Michael Ellis, photos)

Texas Interlocking Towers (data and photos of past and present towers)

Virginia (Larry Z. Daily, photos and information on C&O Piedmont Division)

West Virginia (photos of a few B&O depots, Blackwood Associates)

Wisconsin (part of Wisconsin Historic Rail Connection, photos and data)

U.S. Depots plotted on Google Maps (Jack Marshall, photos)

U.S. Depots (William J. Manon Jr. Surviving Railroad Depots of America, photos and notes of selected depots)

Western U.S. Depots (Craig Bass, scroll down for links to depot photos)

Ontario (Railway Stations of Ontario) (Rob Hughes, part of website on Ontario railroads, lists of depots)

Australia (Don Copley, Western Australia railways and stations, photos and history)

Mexico (Roberto Ruelas-Gomez, photos)

Belgium (Belgium depots on old postcards)

Germany (Burkhard Thiel, photos and data)

Japan (Island of Hokkaido) (photos and data on depots and bridges)

Spain (Fernando Solabre Suarez, photos of depots throughout Spain)

Miscellaneous depots (Railroad Station Home Page, depot postcards from around the world)

Vanished Depots (Mark Thomas, photos of selected demolished depots)

Specific Depots and other Structures

Ackley, IA (National Park Service, photos and history)

Anderson, IN (Anderson Young Ballet, history)

Arkansas City, KS (Bill Bottorff, photos, plans, data)

Atlanta, GA (Steve Storey, Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage, photos and data)

Augusta, GA (Steve Storey, Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage, photos and data)

Buffalo, NY (Buffalo Central Terminal)

Canton Viaduct, MA (Photos and history)

Cherry Run, WV (B&O Miller Tower, history and photos)

Chester, NY (Chester Historical Society)

Crestline, OH (Bill Ayers, history and photos of PRR roundhouse, depots, and other structures)

Denver, CO (Mike Stutz Denver Rails database)

Detroit, MI (Michigan Central Station, photos and some history)

Eureka, KS (Q Station, photos, data, plans)

Fort Wayne, IN (The Fort Wayne Railfan, photos, data on depots and towers)

Galion, OH (CCC&StL depot history and restoration)

Goleta, CA (photos and history)

Iowa Falls, IA (National Park Service, photos and history)

Iowa Falls, IA (Mills Tower photos and history, National Park Service)

Jackson, MI (Michigan's Internet Railroad History Museum)

Jacksonville, FL (Clint Chamberlin, photos and short history)

Little Rock, AR (photos and data)

Lynchburg, VA (Lynchburg and Central Virginia Historic Railroad Photographs)

Miranda, SD (Craig V. Hodson, photos and history)

Murray City, OH (photos and history)

Nashua, NH (Matt Cosgro, photos and data)

Natchitoches, LA (history and photos)

Newton, NJ (Kevin W. Wright, history and pictures)

Orchard Park, NY (photo, historical data, Western New York Railway Historical Society)

Pawtucket/Central Falls, RI (Edward J. Ozog)

Providence, RI (Edward J. Ozog's RR Staions of Providence)

San Antonio, Texas (Juan Flores, data and photos of a number of Texas depots)

Silver Spring, MD (Silver Spring Historical Society, photos and history)

Topeka, KS (History and information on restoration of UP depot)

Toronto, Ontario Union Station (photos and data)

Tuscola, IL Daniel S. Dawdy, history of TY Tower)

Waldwick, NJ (Erie depot restoration, Waldwick Community Alliance)

Washington D.C. Union Station (history, information on shops)

West Pittsburg, PA (BVJC N.R.H.S., B&O UN Tower, photos and history)

Williamsville, NY (photos, historical data, Western New York Railway Historical Society)

Winfield, KS (Bill Bottorff, photos)

By Structure Type

Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Bruce S. Cridlebaugh, photos, engineering and historical data)

Harvey Houses (data and photos)

Texas Towers (Myron Malone, Jim King)

Michigan Railroad Bridges (from Historic Bridges of Michigan and Elsewhere, photos and data on selected bridges)

Postcards of railroad stations, etc.

Structure Restoration and Historical Preservation

Bergmann Associates (Architectural and engineering consultants, involved in work on mainly active stations of Mid-Atlantic States, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio) Contact Chris Binck, Associate binck@bergmannpc.com

Grants.gov. (All kinds of Federal grants)

Kentucky Heritage Council

National Register of Historic Places

National Trust for Historic Preservation (data on historic structures of all types)

North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office

Ohio Historic Preservation Office

Railway Preservation News (articles on rr history and preservation, including rr structures)

Reconnecting America (includes former Great American Station Foundation)

West Virginia Historic Preservation Grants

Railroad Structure Models

Depots, Interlocking Towers, etc. (Rensselaer Model Railroad Society)


American-Rails (informational guide to all aspects of railroading)

Library of Congress (photos and data)

Railroad Historical Societies (The Information Train Station, links)

Railserve (links to historical societies, museums. etc.)